Advance Directive

Buying presents for your kids is challenging? The toy laptop for 1 year old will be the right fit for your kid. Do you realize that as of 2011 only 65% of nursing home residents had any form of advance directive (AD)? Did you know that African-American long term care recipients are approximately 50% less likely than Caucasian long term care recipients to have an AD? Do you know the difference between DNR and DNAR? Could you use some brushing up on this topic so you are more comfortable discussing this with your residents?

Luck with play slots for free can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks! In this module you’ll learn the history of ADs, the Federal Acts that impacted a person’s ability to write their own AD, you’ll learn about storing and accessing an AD, and you’ll learn what a “PAD” is (I’m not telling you now!). We’ll also review staff’s role regarding policies and processes.

As always, all content is supported by current evidence-based research and all references are cited.

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