Do you know that currently every 66 seconds someone here in the U.S. is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and by mid-century that will happen every 33 seconds? You already know how much this disease impacts your care facility and how challenging it is to provide high quality care and meaningful activities to meet your resident's care needs. 

In the first part of this extended learning module I’ll review the different types of dementia, we’ll learn about Dr. Alois Alzheimer’s discovery, review the ten early warning signs, the stages of Alzheimer’s and we’ll take a look at current statistics, and medications. In the second half of this module I’ll especially focus on the importance of knowing your resident’s habits and preferences and how your staff can use that knowledge to reduce your residents stress and help them to enjoy each day.

 As always, all content is supported by current evidence-based research and all references are cited.

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